Charlotte Observer… Old Trees are Tottering

Above was the headline for the article that Bruce Henderson wrote for the Charlotte Observer on Sunday January 25th.  This all happened because the MPHA Board promoted a program for teaching homeowners about the subtle things to look for in evaluating their own trees.

Over the past few years the Board has become concerned about the aging trees in Myers Park and were concerned that we should be proactive.

Jack McNeary is going to present a program titled What Every Home Owner Needs to Know About Their Aging Trees.  When the Board decided to do this they realized that there would not be a great turn out just from our neighborhood, so the Board decided that attendance should be open to anyone who might want to come.  There are lots of older trees in many parts of Charlotte and many others would gain from the program.

There are plans to Video Tape the program and post it on the web site.  At the present time (8:00 PM January 25th), there are 57 people who have preregistered.  We asked that people preregister so that we would know how many people to expect.  The program is free, but please email if you would like to attend.

More here about time and place.