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myersparkmethodist Myers Park United Methodist Church stands at the corner of Queens and Providence roads in the heart of Charlotte. We are devoted to serving the spiritual needs of the congregation and reaching out to the hurting around the corner and around the world. Starting with 10 men meeting on a front porch and deciding to establish this church, Myers Park United Methodist has grown to more than 5,000 members and dozens of ministries. At four worship services each Sunday, numerous gatherings during the week and through hundreds of missions and outreach projects, church  members and friends study the Bible, sing God’s praises, care for the elderly and sick, reach out to the least of these in Charlotte and around the world, and live the faith in many other ways.

myersparkpresby Myers Park Presbyterian Church, based in Charlotte N.C., is a vibrant engaged community of faith. A community ready to foster your spiritual growth and enrich your faith life. A community ready to equip you with the heart and mind of Christ so you can serve alongside us at home, throughout our nation, and around the world. A community where every member has a ministry.For nearly a century, Myers Park Presbyterian has been home to people thoughtfully exploring their faith. Today it is an inclusive, spirit-filled church that just might defy your expectations. Those who are looking for a Sunday-only congregation are surprised to discover diverse opportunities offered on a daily basis.

myersparkbaptist-new Myers Park Baptist Church was founded in 1943 by a visionary group of Baptist families, possessed with a dream to build a unique church that catered to families. Today the cornerstones of our ministry are a free pulpit, thoughtful education, an extensive local and national outreach ministry, and worship that is beautiful and draws upon the historic traditions of the church. For 70 years Myers Park Baptist Church has built a reputation as a place where members are encouraged to ask questions, debate issues, and seek truth. Our doors are open to all who wish to follow Jesus on a journey of faith.

stmarkslutheran St. Mark’s is an ELCA congregation in Charlotte, North Carolina and we extend a warm and unconditional welcome to all people in the community to come and worship.The church is the people. It’s not the building or the grounds, it’s the people. It’s people gathered around Word and Sacrament, gathered around service and outreach, gathered in prayer and praise, worship and celebration. It’s people gathered in joys and sorrows, good times and hard times, celebrating the seasons of life, celebrating the Christ who walks with us in the journey of faith from birth until we are born into the final Kingdom of God beyond this veil.


We invite you to become a part of our faith community and of the living body of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Christ Church seeks to take after our namesake. We’re far from perfect, but our heart’s desire is that Christ will be at the center of our life as a faith community in the Episcopal tradition. Above all, we aspire to help each other grow into the fullness of God’s wishes for us. We aim to treat each other with the love of Christ, to approach God with the faith of Christ, and to serve the world in the Spirit of Christ – in order to take after Him in our life together with Him.. We invite you to worship with us, study and learn with us through Sunday School classes or a Bible Study, enjoy fellowship with us at Wednesday Night Suppers or other various fellowship opportunities, and serve with us in our church, community and world.

littlechurch Little Church on the Lane is part of the Moravian Church, Southern Province.  We were the first church in the Myers Park area of Charlotte, and continue to witness to the greater Charlotte area to this day.One of the unique differences of Little Church on the Lane is the power of community. As a more intimate church, we have the opportunity to live the ideal of church as family. From arranging rides to church for members who are not capable of driving, to meals for new parents from other members of the church to lighten the load, there is community.

selwynavenuepresby-new We carry with us the Spirit of God that has been infused in the people of this church for more than 65 years. We seek to bring the love, light and grace of God to all who wish to receive and participate in the wonder of the teachings, salvation and peace found in Jesus Christ. We prayerfully and thoughtfully move forward to address and respond to a greater level of diversity and higher social awareness.  We welcome other people, new ideas, creativity and movement of the Holy Spirit. As we believe the Bible to be the revelation of God’s truths, we pursue a thoughtful and profound understanding of Biblical scripture to inform our world view. We are anchored in the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. and are invested in its mission and education.  We believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Holy Scripture and Prayer. We love God and each other.