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Myers Park Area Map

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Moving top to bottom, the areas are:

Area 6 including Hermitage Road, Edgehill, parts of Ardsley, Henley, Granville, Dartmouth, Harvard and parts of Queens Road and Morehead
Area 5 is essentially the area west of Kings Drive including the more secluded portions of Queens Road West, Coniston, Brunswick, Hopedale, Norton, part of Ardsley and Granville
Area 9 is bordered by Providence Road and Queens Road, southeast of Myers Park Methodist and Presbyterian churches, including upper Hampton, Portland, upper Beverly and lower Sherwood.
Area 8 which is east of Area 9 includes most of Beverley, Malvern, lower Hampton, Hanson, and Myers Park Drive.
Area 3 runs from Queens Road West to the creek,  including Maryland, Sterling, Jameston and cross-streets Wellsley, Princeton and Westfield.
Area 4 is the inner core around Queens College, including Radcliffe, western Bucknell, most of Wellsley, Stanford, Hastings, and upper Princeton.
Area 7 is bounded by Sharon Road, Selwyn and Myers Park Country Club golf course, including Roswell, Queens Road East, Chilton, Briarcliff, Westminster, eastern Bucknell and Wellsley.
Area 2 is bounded by Selwyn and Westfield and includes southern portions of Queens Road West, Maryland, Sterling, Jameston, Lynnwood and Ridgewood.
Area 1 originally known as Club Colony is bounded Myers Park Country Club and the creek, and includes southern Roswell, Normandy, Picardy and Colony.
Area 10 partially known as Myers Park Manor includes Hillside, Tranquil, Plantation, Wales, Hillsdale, Chelsea, Brandywine, Dellwood, Hassell, lower Westfield, Rocklin, Fiedlbrook, Manor, Woodlawn-Runnymede, lower Selwyn.