Board of Directors

2018-19 Slate of MPHA Officers & Directors for Voting at the November 7, 2018 Annual Meeting

President: John Beard
Vice President: Charlie Welch
Secretary/Treasurer: Rick Handford
Directors: Jane Coghill, Emily Fisher*, Kathy Harkness, Jennifer Jackson*, Randy Masters, Jack McNeary, Sarah Monnin, Kevin Murray, Lisa Parrish*, Susan Pierce, David Quattlebaum, Suzanne Ross*, Jen Walker, Ferman Wardell, Emily Zuyus
Presidents Emeritus: Sadler Barnhardt, Bob Lilien, Pamela May, Joddy Peer, Susan Shaver

Thank you for your service: Michael Abbott, Katie Fagan, Pamela May, Anne McLeod, Dank Pinckney, Adam Prus

* New nominee

New Nominees for 2018-19 MPHA Board of Directors

Emily Fisher, CPA
Emily is interested in becoming a member of the board and can contribute accounting and tax experience. She was born and raised in Charlotte; grew up in old Foxcroft and now lives in Myers Park off of Ridgewood Avenue.  She expressed a love and respect for the historical neighborhoods of Charlotte.

Jennifer Jackson
Jennifer lives on Queens and has recent experience advocating to the city in order to address flooding issues in her neighborhood. She has managed high end communities for over six years and have served as President of an HOA. She served as Chair of Advocacy & Public Awareness for the Junior League of Charlotte, served as a Board Member for the Greater Charlotte HTA and also volunteered at CMC Main for many years.

Lisa Parrish
Lisa has been a resident of Myers Park for 6 years and lives on Queens Road. She works for Duke Energy in community relations and in that capacity interfaces with HOAs in the Charlotte area on a regular basis. Lisa lived in Montgomery AL before moving to Charlotte and she was instrumental in the organization of an HOA for her neighborhood there.

Suzanne Ross
Suzanne lives on Wellesley Avenue and has prior HOA and Board experience. She moved to Charlotte from Pittsburgh 4 years ago and works for TIAA (Chief of Staff for Enterprise Compliance) and is a big believer in supporting the community.

A lawyer by education and served on a number of Boards in Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Orchestra, Society for Contemporary Craft, Magee-Womens Health Foundation), holding a variety of officer positions including Treasurer and President. Has had prior experience serving on homeowners associations in NYC and Charlotte.

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