President’s Message

“He asked for a fee of $25 and expenses ‘if this seems to you reasonable.’” Such began visionary landscape architect John Nolen’s mark on Myers Park in 1905. Formerly a barren cotton farm, the “continuous parkway”*and wooded look of Myers Park is no accident, it was a meticulous plan begun on his first trip. Today, Myers Park is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the country due to a concerted effort to preserve the wide and unencumbered green lawns of Nolen’s vision.

Sustaining a century-old history of building amid the beauty of nature takes work. It requires:

  • Championing conservation and replanting of our legendary tree canopy
  • Seeking responsible building according to established rules, including consulting with legal counsel
  • Advising members who have sensitive or pressing neighborhood concerns
  • Maintaining an active relationship with our community law enforcement officers

Your membership and our dedicated volunteer Board of Directors and Officers are two instrumental components in continuing this work. It’s in the association of hundreds of member families that we have our strength which is tested yearly by interests that could conflict with what love about Myers Park. We have another big year ahead of us, so please join or renew today!

In the past year, MPHA helped protect our neighborhood and your financial investment, in part, by:

  • Negotiating to limit proposed mass and height and promote high design standards in a pivotal area for development at Queens and Providence Roads
  • Participating in Charlotte’s Urban Forestry Management stakeholders’ project sponsored by the City of Charlotte and concerning our aging tree canopy
  • Hosting leaders from the Nature Museum (now Discovery Place Nature) and others with future plans for renovation

Myers Park: “People come from other neighborhoods just to jog through it. Visitors are astonished by the arching cathedrals of trees and the pleasing, dappled light.”* And to think, we get to live here! Let’s support Myers Park for ourselves and for future lovers of these charming streets.

At the Duke Mansion

With best regards to you and your family

Pamela S. May