In these pages, we endeavor to show the history as well as the current development of the area.  Myers Park retains much of its original flavor and we believe it is a neighborhood worth protecting to the standards set by its founders when it was developed.
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Litigation Update on Queens University

This message was sent to members and Friends of Myers Park on July 14, 2015, at 9:20 AM. Final Update On Queens University Agreement Dear Members of MPHA and Neighbors of Myers Park, As you have probably already heard, we are very happy to report a broad and favorable resolution to our concerns related to the current and long-term development of the Queens University campus in Myers Park. After more than four years of substantial effort and expense by the neighbors and Association, the parties have reached a comprehensive resolution of the primary issues in dispute. Ultimately, good faith negotiations and effort by the neighbors, Association, and University led to a solution that preserves the integrity, quality and beauty of Myers Park while allowing the University to grow and succeed in a competitive academic marketplace. We believe the time, effort and expense invested by the neighbors and Association has achieved an outcome that we can all be proud of, particularly given the lack of density limitations that existed from the original text amendment and interpretations of the Zoning Ordinance that existed up until the below measures were implemented. While the details regarding the negotiations and resolution are complicated, the primary components of the agreement are as follows: Development on Queens’ 25 acre Myers Park campus is now capped at 1,162,000 sq. ft. (net of elevator shafts, crawlspace, etc.). Current buildings now stand at 908,000 sq. ft. Had the original text amendment to the Zoning Ordinance been left in tact or repassed, development could have exceeded 1,620,000 sq. ft. While the University may not have ever pursued this maximum level...

MPHA Board Nominations

Title MPHA Nominations Myers Park Homeowners Association (MPHA) Members: Please submit Nominations for MPHA Board by Sept 25, 2015 The new MPHA Board will be approved at Annual Meeting for the next term of 2015-2016. If you or anyone you know would like to be nominated for approval by MPHA Membership, please advise Fred Byers, Michael Abbott, or any current MPHA Board Member. The objective is to add between 5-7 new Board members for total of 21-23. The Nominating Committee, which consists of both Board and Non-Board members, will be meeting after Sept 25, 2015 submissions to finalize a recommended slate of Board Nominees and Board officers for MPHA approval at MPHA Annual Meeting Nov 2, 2015 at  6:00PM at Duke Mansion. All MPHA Members are eligible yet priority interests include those with a passion for Myers Park, demonstrated community service, experience including yet not limited to: public relations, marketing management, accounting, computer science-website management, city government, legal, real estate, landscape, zoning, architecture or property development. Thanks for your support of Myers Park & MPHA Fred Byers – MPHA Board; Nominating Committee Chair 704-681-0053 Michael Abbott – MPHA Board; Nominating Committee Member 704-333-2417  ...

Public Service Program on Aging Trees

What Every Homeowner Needs to Know About Their Aging Trees.   Charlotte  is known for its trees, and Myers Park and surrounding neighborhoods are some of the city’s most notable areas in terms of the extent of their tree canopies.  Recently, we also have had several trees fall and do some serious damage. On February 24, 2015, the Myers Park Homeowners Association sponsored an Education Program titled What Every Homeowner Needs to Know About their Aging Trees at Myers Park Presbyterian Church. Rather than present this program to just members of the Myers Park community, the MPHA Board thought it was such a timely and necessary topic that we opened the program to anyone who wished to attend.  The attendance exceeded our expectations. There were people from all over Charlotte, even Davidson and Fort Mill, who attended.  The audience also included landscapers, arborists, and other people who work with trees. MPHA board member and and long-time resident of Myers Park, Jack McNeary, a former President of the American Society of Consulting Arborists  (1991), gave a most informative presentation.  The program included slides to show homeowners some of the things to look for in assessing their trees.  Jack has been collecting this data for more than 25 years.   There was a Q&A session following the presentation. Over 170 people attended the program, despite the ice and snow that day.  Also contributing to the program with information about local efforts to expand our tree canopy was Dave Cable of treesCharlotte.  Charlotte City Arborist Don McSween was one of the attendees and was recognized for his outstanding service to the city....

February 9, 2015 Queens Litigation Report

February 9, 2015 Update on Queens University Development Since the North Carolina Court of Appeals voidance of the Parking Deck Text Amendment last July, the City Planning Department has foregone pursuit of any new text amendment while the University and MPHA discuss potential solutions to reasonable limits on campus development. These discussions have been comprehensive and on-going.  While no agreement between the parties has been reached, we are continuing to discuss alternatives outcomes with the University. We will keep you advised of any...

Charlotte Observer… Old Trees are Tottering

Above was the headline for the article that Bruce Henderson wrote for the Charlotte Observer on Sunday January 25th.  This all happened because the MPHA Board promoted a program for teaching homeowners about the subtle things to look for in evaluating their own trees. Over the past few years the Board has become concerned about the aging trees in Myers Park and were concerned that we should be proactive. Jack McNeary is going to present a program titled What Every Home Owner Needs to Know About Their Aging Trees.  When the Board decided to do this they realized that there would not be a great turn out just from our neighborhood, so the Board decided that attendance should be open to anyone who might want to come.  There are lots of older trees in many parts of Charlotte and many others would gain from the program. There are plans to Video Tape the program and post it on the web site.  At the present time (8:00 PM January 25th), there are 57 people who have preregistered.  We asked that people preregister so that we would know how many people to expect.  The program is free, but please email if you would like to attend. More here about time and...

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