The mission of the Myers Park Homeowners Association is to preserve and enhance the historical character and quality of life envisioned in the original garden park design for Myers Park.
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Coronavirus Update

In January, it was known only as a cold beverage best served with a slice of lime. Today, it has having a significant impact on our economy and society as a whole.

We are now Staying at Home which is the responsible thing to do to stop the spread of the highly contagious virus. Myers Park is a close knit community where neighbors visit with one another on sidewalks and in front of their houses. If you know of anyone that needs help, please e-mail us at and we will try to help or put them in touch with those that can offer assistance.

These are truly unprecedented times, but we will return to normalcy. In the meantime, we are fortunate to live in a beautiful neighborhood in a terrific city. There has been a marked increase of outside activity, including people practicing social distancing when they meet and pass others on the loop. While we Stay at Home AND practice proper distancing, spend time outside and enjoy our neighborhood that is so beautiful in the spring.


Spring Has Sprung!

Pictured above are some cherry trees in full bloom on Queens road. The trees run in the median of Queens road from Myers Park Baptist church to Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center. These gorgeous trees are a highly visible marker of the beginning of spring and precursor to other bursts of life that will soon highlight our neighborhood.

The trees have grown near the power lines that also run along the median and that coexistence can be challenging. Last fall MPHA Board member Jack McNeary noticed that the trees were not being pruned correctly. Jack worked with Duke Energy and its outside tree service to alter and improve its pruning of the cherry trees. Work was actually stopped until proper techniques could be explained and used. A big thank you to all three parties as well as the City Arborists for working together to achieve a successful outcome. Enjoy the bloom explosion!

The Oak Leaf – Fall 2019

The Fall 2019 issue of The Oak Leaf is now available. Inside you’ll find information about the 2019 MPHA Annual Meeting, a discussion with Charlotte mayor Vi Lyles about the managing Charlotte’s rapid growth, photos from the July 4th parade, an introduction to your MPHA board, and much more. Have an idea, a suggestion, a compliment or a correction? Contact us at

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